The Entrepreneurship Cell Motilal Nehru College is an innovation nurturing college-based society. We conduct workshops on different topics for excellent learning along with practical implementation. At Ecell we run 3 student-based startups with complete autonomy. The startups are as follows:

Resumeing Logo


It is a service-based startup, at Resume-ing we provide our customers with a one-stop destination to get their Resumes, Cover Letters, etc at very cost effective rate, done through experts and those experts are none other than the team working for Ecell.

The Social Chai


It is a newly launched startup by Ecell, The Social Chai is a media house having its presence on Instagram and Linked In it thrives to provide the audience with noncontentious fun-loving content prepared by our team.


It is a product-based startup providing customers with customized goodies. The printing bus will be restarting its operation this year due to a break causes by the new covid norms. It is going to provide the team with a complete experience of establishing a startup from very scratch.

Ecell is featuring series of posts on Ecell’s main page and Resume-ing where it provides its audience their daily dose of Entrepreneurship providing its audience good know-how about profile building.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step ahead towards learning!!

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