Hadriam is an Indian sweets, restaurant and a snacks company headed in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Company has its various branches across India and World like Delhi, Nagpur, Rudrapur, Raipur, Bilaspur , Pune, Kolkata etc. . Haldiram’s was founded in 1941 by Ganga Bishan Agrawal, its first plant was started in Calcutta and established in Jaipur . Haldiram was ranked 55th among India’s most trusted brand . Company basically gain elevation from year 2017 as it was crowned as country’s largest snack company Company has more that 400 products with it . It has namkeen , sweets , cookies, sherbets, pickles and one of the famous out of these are haldiram’s bhujia and papadum. Company also produces ready to eat food at their resturants . their products are marketed at various levels such as bakeries , retail groceries shops , outlets , other stores .


 Haldiram started in Bikaner and had setup shop in Delhi and manifolded its branches in various parts . Slowly company tagged itself with taste , hygiene and innovation . Internationally Haldiram’s company was setup in USA with its 15 products and all credit goes to Indian people who helped company to establish there. Today haldiram’s company is a global phenomenon.

Haldiram products 
Haldirm strategy



1. To achieve sustainable and continuous growth in the business in India and across the Globe .

 2. Leadership in Indian sweets and snacks with wide range of items.

3. Innovating new items with quality and taste and the most important at competitive rates.


1. To provide with best quality snacks , sweets and ready to eat food to consumer.

2. By using best innovative , new technologies and achieving optimum cost of production company can remain ahead from their competitors.

 3. To follow law and abide by the laws of nature.

 4. Debt free company

 5. Contribute to social causes , that’s is to giving back to society in any of the means .

 6. Provide growth opportunities to shareholders, employees, clients etc.

Haldiram story haldiram bhujia


Haldiram’s used advertising, attractive posters, brochures and mailers to appeal the customers at mass. ‘Always in good taste’, used this punch line for promotion, advertisements had captions such as millions of tongues can’t go wrong, what are you waiting for, Diwali? and keeping your taste buds on their toes. To highlight their brand company used public transport and public places for promotion by pasting their banners and stickers in public vehicles.


Company always have a regular checkup on their production through quality parameters of FDA, USA and Safety Act , UK are met at every level – raw materials to finished products . Company also has microbiological test centers , aflatoxin, pesticides,sidan colors and laboratories . company also has waste management centres , energy conservation systems for conservation and sustainable use of raw materials.



7130 CRORES (US$950 MILLION 2019) TIES IN BOLLYWOOD : Haldiram’s tied up with the 2015 bollywood film Pream ratan Dhan Payo and more than 1.5 crore haldiram’s snack packaged food were displayed in the film with logo of the company .


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