Abhinavi Paul Srithar

President 2020-2021

Ecell has always been close to my heart.
It is the only organisation where I have learn, develop, rise, fall and experienced an absolute roller coaster ride. It has given me life lessons, soft skills and all the important aspect of life which would have been learned in the later stages of my life. To be honest, I have lived Ecell and would always provide my gratitude and respect to make me what I am.

Sahil Gandhi

Resumeing Head

Ecell has taught me a lot in my personal and professional life. It helped me transform myself and made me ready for the corporate world. I wish the best of luck to the oncoming teams and hope ecell grows at an unimaginable pace.

Bevin Joseph

Core Member

E-cell became an Important aspect of my college life in a short period of time. The experience I gained being in the E-CELL was tremendous. E-cell was not just a college society, it was a family in itself where we learned to work with each and everyone’s strength and weakness. The fact that I was able to cultivate a profound and ever lasting relationship with each and every member of the E-CELL family is something I will cherish my whole life and I can whole heartedly say no words can describe how special E-cell is for me.

Rohini Chaudhary

Core Member

I’ve learned a lot while working with E-CELL. It was an honor to work with leaders who were committed to the utmost success of the cell and coworker’s too. You deserve nothing but the best. For the juniors, I bet you all sweat glitters, you have the best ideas and you guys always gave a unique perspective to the things. Even though we were not able to work as closely together as I would have liked, I would love to stay in touch with you as you progress throughout your career. Warmest congratulations to all the leaders and best wishes for the future! Do well 🙂

Naman Vasudeva

Core Member

A journey with E-cell has made memories forever for me. The time I have spent with the members is something that will be remembered fondly by me. As a new member, the cell was really encouraging and helped me increase my graphic skills and pushed me to be better. As a senior, I had amazing juniors with great skills who are ready to take the cell to the next level.

Alumni_Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh

President 2019-2020

Entrepreneurship Cell was indeed an experience of a lifetime. To enter the arena as a field player and turn into a coach can be called a random luck of the universe if so to sound cheesy. But honestly none of it would have been possible without the army of E-Cell members who constantly guided me to the top. It was like a small family: full of responsibilities yet a place where I would be myself than anywhere else in the college. The lessons I have learnt here from each and every individual formed the base of my professional achievements. And as rightly said by Andy Bernard, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” E-Cell was and will always be a happy place for me.

Alumni_Renika Garg

Renika Garg

Senior Coordinator

We at E-Cell, MLNC believe that entrepreneurship is the key to India’s development and so we organise a variety of events throughout the year to promote entrepreneurial activities. Being a graduate in Mathematics and planning a successful future in the corporate field, Ecell, MLNC helped me by providing a good experience.

Alumni_Samarpit Sachdeva

Samarpit Sachdeva

Senior Coordinator

Being in the Entrepreneurship Cell of the college was a really wonderful experience. I got to learn a lot while I was there. We’ve organised different events, fests and seminars and that helped me gain a lot of exposure. It has helped me with leadership, communication, problem solving, sales pitching, networking and organizational skills. It feels like you are on a great learning curve both in terms of skills and attitude that prepares you for the future ahead.

Bhaskar Kumar Singh

Senior Coordinator

E-Cell, MLNC works with an aim that entrepreneurship is the key to India’s development. We organise number of events throughout the year to promote entrepreneurial activities. Indeed it was a cherisable tenure with E-cell and team.

Alumni_Garvit Minocha

Garvit Minocha

President 2018-2019

It was privilege to lead such an enthusiastic and immensely motivated bunch of people. And yes, being a part of e-cell MLNC has made me firmly believe that miracles happen when a group of individuals in their personal capabilities work for a common vision

Alumni_Ayushi Aggarwal

Ayushi Aggarwal

Senior Coordinator

My experience with E-cell helped me in all my post college endeavours. Working in E-cell helped me to workon the latest desire to start my own venture and helped me to understand the corporate surrounding better. E-cell MLNC is go to society for all the students planning to get their hands dirty in business in the future

Alumni_Apar Bansal

Apar Bansal

Senior Coordinator

Being a part of a reputed society like E-cell MLNC was a new and astonishing experience added to my wallet. It was really a learning experience with great leaders and teammates. Apart from spending time on productive activities, E-cell helped in enhancing my practical knowledge and public relations.

Alumni_Kunwer Bhavya

Kunwer Bhavya

Senior Coordinator

E-cell MLNC is one of the best platforms to learn and develop new skills. I’m really glad that I got to be a part of this cell. I hope it keeps getting better and better.

Alumni_Megha Sagar

Megha Sagar

Senior Coordinator

E-cell has helped me in grooming mu overall personality and has let me be open up to new ideas and adventures.

Alumni_Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain

President 2017-18, Co-founder

We started at E-cell MLNC in the year 2016 with the aim to provide a platform to students who want to pursue entrepreneurship not after college but in the college itself. According to me, no knowledge is better than practical knowledge and that is what we have instilled in the E-cell over these years. Team work makes the dream work, this is what we have stressed on and it would not have been possible to take E-cell to this level without even a single member! Thanks to each and every member for making E-cell MLNC a fantastic kick-ass team

Alumni_Ashish Sawlani

Ashish Sawlani

Vice President 2017-18, Co-founder

College is a time where you learn a lot about yourself and others. Putting myself out here in E-cell, I have learned a lot of experience. I always enjoyed working for e-cell and it is memorable part of my college life.

Alumni_Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

Co-founder, 2017-2018

Being the co-founder of the E-cell MLNC, I learnt a very important lesson. In order to build something huge small steps are the most important..and while taking those small steps…Believe in yourself.

Alumni_Akash Agarwal

Akash Agarwal

Finance Head

I joined E-cell in 2017, I had no idea that it will change the way I see things. It helped me know my interests better. The members of the society were like family and being a part of this family has always given me immense pleasure. It was indeed an honour to be appointed as the Finance Head and lead such an amazing team to success

Alumni_Arimardan Pratak Singh

Arimardan Pratap Singh

Senior Coordinator

E-cell MLNC ensured that I cultivated an everlasting relationship with each and everyone connected with it. I can emphatically state that the society’s role in shaping my personality has been profound and mere word would not be able express my gratitude. E-cell will always hold a special place in my heart.

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